Mrs. America, Space Force, and HBO Max

Episode 177 · June 10th, 2020 · 57 mins 50 secs

About this Episode

Before we get into our regularly scheduled reviews for this episode, we want to take a moment to acknolwedge the tremendous amount of pain that's come to the surface in America (and elsewhere) over the past 2 weeks. As a bunch of white people on a media podcast, we're not going to try to offer any answers, but we also don't want to sit in silence while fellow humans cry out for justice. We want to instead show solidarity by taking some time out at the beginning of our episode to talk about the ways we've been trying to educate ourselves. There are a number of resources out there for learning about life experiences in our country that differ greatly from our own. We'll only be able to mention a few, but maybe we'll come up with one you aren't familiar with. If so, check it out.

After that, we'll go back in time to the 1970s for the new Hulu series Mrs. America, which focuses on a different fight for justice, the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment. When we've talked about whether Uzo Aduba, Cate Blanchett, and Sara Paulson do the subject justice, we'll...switch gears entirely and review Netflix's Space Force. Steve Carell's new comedy covers our military's newest branch in all its dubious marketing glory, but does it hit its target?

And once we've covered those, we're still not done! HBO just unleashed a whole new streaming service onto the world...except the parts of the world that use Roku or Amazon streaming devices to get their content. HBO Max has all the HBO stuff, but also a lot of not-HBO stuff, like Friends and Rick and Morty, and supposedly there's going to be new exclusive content as well — because what good is a new service if it can't be used to fragment the market further? Anyway, it sounds mostly great, especially if you were subscribing to HBO already...and, again, don't have a Roku or Amazon device. That's only a double-digit percentage of you, right? Should be fine. We'll tell you just how great it is, though, because we wouldn't be media addicts if we didn't.

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