Episode 28: Gone...to Play Destiny

Episode 31 · October 16th, 2014 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

That's right - after a (not-so) brief sabbatical, the Screeners are back! You didn't think we'd leave without saying goodbye, did you? Well, Chad might...

The Good, Bad, and Meh of Fall TV

The fall TV season is upon us, so why shouldn't it dominate Jump Cuts? The Screeners play fast and loose with the buzzer as they talk about the new shows keeping them on the couch longer this year. While they're on the subject, they might as well also mention which returning shows have kept a spot in their DVRs (or wherever cord-cutters keep their TV queue) and the ones that have outstayed their welcomes.

To close out the round, it looks as though Netflix is breaking entertainment ground yet again, and it's ground the movie theaters would prefer to keep, um, unbroken. The sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is being released on the streaming service simultaneously with its theatrical debut, and the theaters are so upset that many are refusing to show it at all. Competition in distribution channels:  A good thing, or a bad thing? Guess what Josh (our resident free market apologist) thinks.

The Social Network Sequel Seems Pretty Dark...

There's not a lot you can say about David Fincher's Gone Girl without spoiling something, but the Screeners are going to try to fit in their normal sanitized section before saying what they really thought. One thing that won't ruin a surprise for anyone, though: Josh didn't see it, so he'll sit out this segment.

It Is Your Destiny...to Sit on the Couch

To round out the episode, the Screeners finally get a chance to return to their gaming roots. Destiny, Bungie's dual-platform MMORPG/space shooter/ambitious 10-year odyssey, put up big sales numbers and has had the Internet abuzz ever since. It has everything you'd expect from a big franchise - huge fans, virtiolic detractors, and a large middle ground of people completely oblivious to its existence. Well, if you haven't heard anything about it yet, the Screeners have your back. We'll walk you through the ins and outs of the game mechanics, its highlights and its shortcomings. What did you think we've been doing for the past month?

And that'll do it for another episode of the Screeners. Join us over on Facebook to continue the conversation, and don't forget to email us your gamertag ( screenerscast@gmail.com, in case you forgot) if you want to join us for some Destiny action on Xbox Live.