Episode 31: Golden Statues and other Crown Jewels

Episode 34 · March 9th, 2015 · 54 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

Art Is Its Own Reward...Unless You Didn't Get Nominated

He sang, he danced, he forced us to watch him in his underwear. Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Oscars this year, and besides his, um, inimitable hosting, the show boasted some unique musical performances, some inexcusable snubs, and 3 and a half hours of self-congratulatory...we mean, we love the Oscars. So very much. That's all we're contractually obligated to say, right? Good. Let's get on with our reviews.

The Spy Who Imprinted on Me

Tonight the Screeners have a double feature in store, and in a surprise turn of events, Josh actually saw one of them! Please, hold your applause. It only makes him stronger.

First up, Kingsman: The Secret Service. Part espionage homage, part frat boy comedy, the Screeners have quite a bit to say about this Matthew Vaughn/Colin Firth joint. There's so much fun to be had here that they don't even need a spoiler section to pad the review time—er, dissect the narrative arc and contemplate the directorial choices. Yeah, that's what they normally do.

To round out the episode, Josh rejoins the group for a chat about Chappie, the latest Neil Blomkamp film about the robot who would be a boy. You can, um, check out this one's Rotten Tomatoes score for yourself if you're into that sort of thing. Are the critics right, though, or has Blomkamp returned to form after a little detour into whatever terrible writer's block gave birth to Elysium? See if you agree with the Screeners' theories about why bad movies happen to good people.

And there you have it—our first movie review of 2015. It only took us 3 months (and a couple in 2014, but who's counting?), but we're back in the saddle now, so look for more episodes, more new segments, and more opportunitites to interact with the show this year. As always, check us out over on Facebook to give us feedback on the episode and to see what's caught our eye in the news recently. 'Til next time!