Episode 61: Dr. Strange, or, How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Give Marvel More Money

Episode 69 · November 12th, 2016 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

This episode boasts not one, but TWO reviews. Two reviews, and a top 3. We’re not sure what more you could ask for*, so let’s jump right in.

First up is Christopher Guest’s new Netflix-only offering, Mascots. Guest is famous for his mockumentaries, but how long can his streak last before the format gets old? Surely a topic like this is a home run, right? And by “home run”, we mean to imply that team mascots are the only reason anyone watches baseball (right?).

There’s Nothing Strange about Piles of Cash

For their main event, the Screeners couldn’t help but talk about Marvel’s latest cash cow, Dr. Strange. Well, Chris couldn’t help but talk about it, but that wasn’t entirely unexpected, now was it? Sherlock gets magic powers from a mysterious white woman in the middle of Nepal; what’s not to love? We feel like there were some nods to Harry Potter in there too, but maybe the trailer for the JK Rowling movie with Stephen Hawking in it just colored our perception. We had a very...disorienting time at the theater, in case you couldn’t tell.

Paging Doctor...Anyone Other than Cumberbatch

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Top 3, but the segment’s back in style. Since everything Marvel touches turns to cash, the Screeners couldn’t resist a tie-in with the main event. Are there any other TV or movie doctors worth talking about? Sure there are; just off the top of our heads, we can think of at least...well, one. We’re sure Chad will come up with some sophisticated choices.

OK, that’ll do it for this time. Join us next time, when surely there will be another Marvel movie to talk abou...what’s that? We’re reviewing Arrival? Sure, whatever; there’ll be another Marvel movie released now and then to distract us. Anyway, until then, see you on Facebook!

*...except maybe a female host. This episode’s missing Melody; sorry about that. She just didn’t have time for Benedict Cumberbatch. We were shocked too; trust us.