Episode 76: Transformers 5, or, Why We’ll Never Stop Michael Bay

June 27th, 2017 · 46 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

It’s happened again. Words we never wanted to have to say after that first fateful release in 2007, but which we’ve had to say over and over since then: Michael Bay has made another Transformers movie. We’re up to five now, but it might as well be five hundred, right? Our culture will never be rid of them now; their gleaming CGI chrome grilles will haunt our era in the annals of film history. Future (current?) seasons of Mystery Science Theater 3000, kept on life support by avid proponents of a counterculture all but forgotten, will mock them mercilessly, effortlessly weaving Martin Lawrence lines from Bad Boys in with quips about how the last explosion was disappointingly smaller than the one before it.

Where were we? Oh yeah; Chad and Daniel paid money to see Transformers 5, and they’re here to talk about it. Then they’re going to do a top 3 about Michael Bay’s career...although, given the subject matter, “top” might be a little generous. How about “least likely to give you an eye rolling-induced headache”?