Episode 70: Beauty and the Pot of Money

Episode 80 · March 28th, 2017 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

Yeah, so the title up there may have given away the main event, but don’t skip straight there; we’ve got a couple things to get out of the way first. C’mon; there’s a new Marvel show—you knew the Screeners would at least mention it. They make no promises about liking it (or even that they’ve all seen it), but they’ll...mention it.
Also, Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series is about to hit the big screen, and Chad and Melody can’t wait to tell you how worried they are about this. Wait; you haven’t heard the good news about Dark Tower? Well, sit down, because Chad has some knowledge for you.

Next up: Disney’s making money dainty hand over furry CGI fist from its Beauty and the Beast remake, but is it deserved? Most of the Screeners were alive when the cartoon version was released, so they’re almost guaranteed to have biased opinions, but let’s hear them out anyway, shall we?

After that main event, what other topic could there be for the top three than musicals? Er, make that “musical movies”, or whatever weasel term Daniel wanted to use so he could get away with his unconventional picks. We encourage you to listen to this segment and pinpoint the moment where it goes completely off the rails; we think there’s an argument for at least three distinct places, and we’re interested to hear which one you choose.

And where should you let us know that choice? Facebook, of course! What; you thought we were going to let you get away without a link to Facebook? Just for that, here’s a link to our iTunes page too. If you like us, a rating and review are the best present you can get us.

See you next time, when we’ll cringe (or cheer? We hope cheer…) our way through Ghost in the Shell.