Episode 91: Justice League

November 18th, 2017 · 54 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

As we’re all painfully aware by now, Marvel movies are reliable money printing machines, mostly beloved by audiences—or at least inoffensive to them. The DC universe, though, has enjoyed no such consistency. They had the Nolan Batman movies, regarded by some as masterpieces. If they’d just quit while they were ahead, we wouldn’t be here today talking about what an embarrassment Batman vs. Superman was. Wonder Woman was OK, though, right? Sure; why not.

Anyway, there’s another one now. Justice League is what you might call DC’s answer to Avengers, except with fewer A-list heros and Zack Snyder at the helm for most of production. Chad, Chris, and Daniel are dedicated enough to see it early on opening weekend, so they’re here to help you decide how to spend your movie dollars. Has DC learned from their mistakes, or should they go sit in a corner and think about what they’ve done...again?

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