Episode 97: Black Mirror and 2018 Releases

February 14th, 2018 · 1 hr 11 mins

About this Episode

2018 has a lot of movie in store, and it's February already, so it’s about time to get the hype train started and find out what’s on the Screeners’ must-see lists. We have a feeling there will be a bit of diversity here, but we’re not going to name names of people who may or may not be excited for movies about dinosaurs.

And since we talked about the future, let's spend a bit of time on the past. Yes, season 4 of this now-Netflix “original” may have been released to the binge-ready public last year, but that didn’t stop the Screeners from talking about Phantom Thread, so it definitely won’t stop them from talking about Black Mirror. This is Netflix’s second season distributing the British show; have they been able to maintain the unique qualities that made it such a cult hit?

As always, we want to see your lists (and hear about your love and/or hate relationship with Black Mirror) on Facebook!

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