Bonus Episode: All the Money in the World and Downsizing

January 3rd, 2018 · 54 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

Among the deluge of movies released over the holidays were All The Money In The World and Downsizing, so it’s time for another bonus episode! Daniel’s joined by Next Trek Podcast host Tyler Howat for the reviews.

All The Money In The World has been a subject of controversy and anticipation. Only a few short weeks ago, Christoper Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey after his career imploded. Was that the right move? Did the movie come together in such a short time? Daniel and Tyler made sure to weigh in.

Alexander Payne is the authority on films about white men going through a midlife crisis, and Downsizing sits squarely in his wheelhouse. Matt Damon shrinks himself down to outrun his problems. Is tiny Damon better than regular-size Damon? We’re not so sure.

We’ll have plenty more reviews coming your way in the days to come, so keep an eye out for those soon!