Bonus Episode: The Mummy

June 18th, 2017 · 46 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

Tom Cruise has awakened an ancient evil, and it’s not’s Brendan Fraser’s career! The horror! We kid, we kid. Seriously, though, there’s a new The Mummy movie, in case the 10 The Mummy movies before this one weren’t enough for you. We’re not kidding about that number; we looked it up—and yes, we count shorts as “movies”. Go with it.

If you didn’t gather this from the first sentence, Tom Cruise is in this one, in case that makes it in some way more appealing for you.

It doesn’t do that for Josh, so he didn’t bother going to the theater, but the other Screeners totally did. They were so excited that they just had to do a bonus episode about it—and while they’re talking about mummies, they figured they’d also throw in a Top 3 about monster-themed media. Again, Josh isn’t here for this episode, but he told us that if he were, he’d take a page out of Chris’s playbook and insist his number 1 pick is Count Chocula.