• Chad Guyton

    Chad Guyton has hosted 88 episodes.

    Avid Editor, Director, DP, and Owner of a video production company. He also sings in a barbershop quartet. Don’t hate.


  • Chris Farrell

    Chris Farrell has hosted 49 episodes.

    Successful Entrepreneur and Owner of a video production company. A film geek, a video game lover, and a mac evangelist.

  • Daniel Howat

    Daniel Howat has hosted 80 episodes.

    Video producer, Oscars enthusiast, and walking film history encyclopedia. He was once an extra in a crappy movie with Owen Wilson.

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  • Josh Ziegler

    Josh Ziegler has hosted 37 episodes.

    He’s worked in a movie theater, at a production company, and as a code monkey. His real claim to fame, though, is hating everything popular before hating everything popular was cool. So there.

  • Melody Farrell

    Melody Farrell has hosted 31 episodes.

    A media lover and Star Trek fan, Melody worked in the production industry before becoming a mom of two.