Onward, Watchmen, and Netflix

Episode 168 · March 18th, 2020 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

As you might have noticed, life is...different right now, and media is changing along with everything else. We have one more theatrical review for you—Disney’s Onward, but it seems like the only question will be “should you stream this once it’s on Disney+?” since you probably shouldn’t go to the theater by the time this episode is released.

Thanks to the, ahem, onward march of technology, though, there’s plenty of content to keep us occupied while we’re hanging out at home. There’s a whole season of Watchmen on HBO, for example, so let’s talk about that. Netflix is also a thing, and it’s the perfect time for a streaming-focused Top 3.

We know you have time to share your favorite streaming content with the rest of us on Facebook or Twitter, so let’s make that happen! Tell us about something we haven’t seen, and let’s get through this thing together.

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