Trolls World Tour (and More!)

Episode 171 · April 15th, 2020 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

You may have heard about an upstart streaming service called Quibi—at least, you probably have if you watched the Super Bowl. It's an entire platform built around the premise that people often only have 10 minutes or less at a time to consume media. When we pitched this idea to our our sweatpants drawer, it said, "Well, bless their hearts", but we're going to watch a few anyway. We might just watch the whole catalog—we, um, have the time.

Once we're done with that (short content gets a short review; see how that works?), it's been awhile since we've played Made You Watch, our favorite game for Screeners who like to torture each other. Each host picks a movie for another and forces them to review it. Chris still hasn't forgotten the last time he played this game; maybe that's why he's not on this episode.

And last but not least (or maybe it is; we haven't gotten to the review yet), we had to twist Daniel's arm to pull this off, but we're going to review Trolls World Tour. It's a movie that was obviously made for the big screen, and a much bigger room better suited to the delighted screams of a few dozen children high on popcorn and Airheads, but we watched it at home, because what're ya gonna do?

Your turn: pick a segment from this episode, and review it for us on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone's an armchair critic now that we're using actual armchairs for the job, so join us!

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