Episode 172 · April 21st, 2020 · 1 hr 14 mins

About this Episode

In these trying times, we need...escapist content, and lots of it. Movies usually only last a couple hours unless we're talking Scorcese or Jackson, and that's just not enough. How about a TV series? FX has one of those, and it's made by the Ex Machina guy and has Nick Offerman in it. Those are good enough reasons, right? Right. Let's talk about Devs this time.

And since we managed to pull Josh out of witness protection for this one, why not torment him by working on our Flickchart list? Sounds like fun, right? Well, at least for some of us.

Have you seen Devs? What should we watch next? Tell us these things, and whatever else comes to mind, on Facebook or Twitter. Please. We're starving for human interaction here. Chris hasn't seen an explosion on a wall-sized screen in a month. We're thinking of commissioning a Sarah McLachlan commercial on his behalf.

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