Bonus Episode: The Last Dance

Episode 179 · June 18th, 2020 · 1 hr 15 mins

About this Episode

If you listened to our review of Devs and thought, "That's great, but can't you give me something longer to watch?", we've got your back. ESPN's docuseries The Last Dance is longer than Devs by a solid 2 hours. So there.

"But I don't like sports," you say. Don't worry; we've got that viewpoint covered too. We'll tell you what's up.

And if that's not enough, or if you've already watched The Last Dance (we know; it ended a couple weeks ago), we'll give you a list of other things to catch up on by talking about our top 3 movies and TV shows of...the first half of the year. Surely there's something in there you haven't seen—it's not like you've been holed up at home for the past three months or something, right?

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