Episode 43: A License to Sequel

Episode 47 · November 17th, 2015 · 1 hr 35 mins

About this Episode

The Screeners have really hit a stride with this new consistent release schedule, haven’t they? It’s like every time you turn around, there’s another episode—and another episode means yet another set of show notes. The author isn’t bitter about that, though; not in the least. Why would you think otherwise?

News You Probably Can’t Use

For Jump Cuts this week, the Screeners start out with a noble goal of catching all their listeners up with the latest news. Problem is, the only news worth hearing right now seems to be Wired talking to JJ Abrams about Star Wars and how CBS has taken Star Trek hostage.

Next up, since unoriginality is now a go-to topic for the Screeners (oh, the irony), they spend some time pondering sequels. For those filling out the Screeners take-home quiz, the question is: “Can a sequel actually be better than the original? Discuss.”

To bring it back to current events, though, what’s new(s) in everyone’s media playlists? Josh surprises everyone by admitting to watching a reality show, then Chris takes it a step further by showing an almost uncomfortable level of enthusiasm for female-centric horrors and horror comedies. Oh, and Daniel still wants us to see Room. Like, really wants us to see it.

It’s All About the Spectracle

This episode’s main event is Spectre, the newest addition to the Bond franchise. As a lifelong Bond anti-fan, Josh has decided to do the ethical thing and recuse himself from reviewing this one, but that won’t ruin everyone else’s fun. Is Daniel Craig a passable Bond? How is the franchise as a whole faring these days? It turns out there’s quite a philosophical debate to be had here, should you choose to take the Bond universe seriously.

A deceptively short summary this time—trust us; there’s plenty of discussion to go around. As always, head over to Facebook to join in!