Episode 44: They're Still Hungry? Someone Feed These People Already!

Episode 48 · November 29th, 2015 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

We know it’s the holiday season, but the Screeners are far too dedicated to take vacation days. OK, we lied; they totally took vacation days—that’s why this episode’s main event has been out a little while by now. You'll forgive them, right? Not like you needed an extra podcast episode to listen to while you were driving 5 hours to eat turkey with people you see twice a year or anything, right? Good.

All the News a Post-It Can Hold

We’ll start off with a brief news roundup, even though there’s not a ton to talk about. A listener brought us some disturbing news about a beloved cult classic on Facebook recently, but the Screeners smell something fishy about the whole deal. In the timeless words of David Letterman, is this anything?

Also worth noting is Hulu’s new original miniseries, 11/22/63, and Amazon’s Philip K. Dick adaptation, The Man in the High Castle. Alternate history and time travel are apparently hot right now; will either of the sort-of-underdog streaming platforms execute well enough to stick around in the original content game?

We’re on Team Caesar

Whether you think it’s a vapid teen romance, a thrilling adventure tale, or are just glad it’s over, chances are you’ve at least heard of The Hunger Games. The second part of the third part of the trilogy (yeah; we’re tired of having to say that too) has been out a couple weeks, and it’s time for the Screeners to weigh in.

Reviews haven’t been stellar, and people who have actually read the books (which 3 Screeners actually admit to having done) say the third one is the worst, but so far the box office has told another story. Guess it’s up to the five Screeners to solve this once and for all.

A Different Kind of Game(s)

Remember when the podcast used to have three segments? If you’re a new listener, you’ll just have to trust us on this one. We were young and naive, and our memories are fuzzy, but we’re pretty sure it happened once or twice. Now that there are 5 hosts, the Screeners have decided to give their old stomping ground at Flickchart another shot—after wiping out any trace of their old list, of course, because that thing was just embarrassing. So come along for the ride as Daniel learns again for the first time just how few movies Josh has actually seen.

OK, that does it. You know the drill:  Last one to Facebook's a...bad fan? Yeah, let's go with that; we hear guilt's a great motivator.