Episode 52: I Bet They Kill at Parties

Episode 59 · April 15th, 2016 · 1 hr 25 mins

About this Episode

It’s been at least three episodes since we talked about murder, so the Screeners decided to kick this one off by pretending they like Chris as much as Daniel and watching—you guessed it—Hannibal. The hype train has been building speed for awhile now, so we’re not even sure if whatever got the show canceled can stop it. Even Josh played along and watched a couple episodes, though, so we’ll see if he can be the immovable object the world needs in times like these.

OK, enough cannibalism and telepathy. To cleanse everyone’s palate before the main event, it’s time to introduce a brand-new segment: Top 3. After all, Buzzfeed built a media empire around the concept of numbered lists, so why can’t the Screeners? The world needs more favorite things, so we’re going to list ours more often, and we’re going to start with, um . . . movies and TV shows about serial killers. Funny how that worked out.

Main Event: Made You Look!

We’re done now; we promise. For the main event this time, the Screeners revisit a segment that’s been on the shelf for awhile:  Made You Look. For any new listeners out there (and the forgetful among us), this means that each Screener picked a movie and forced one other Screener to watch it. There’s usually at least a little sadism involved in the choices, though, so it still fits with the episode’s theme. Here’s a list of each Screeners, their victim—er, beneficiary—and the movie they picked. All the movies are available on Netflix, except Chris and Melody's picks. You can thank them for that on Facebook.

Daniel -> Chris: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Chris -> Chad: The Final Girls

Chad -> Josh: Tangerine

Josh -> Melody: In Bruges

Melody -> Daniel: The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band

Oh, and speaking of Facebook, it’s time to send you over there to tell us which serial killer you’d like to see more of (shout-out if you’ve already done that part!). Feel free to suggest future topics for main events or Top 3, lest we end up talking about our top 3 movies about loneliness. You laugh, but that’s totally on the list, and you can send your hate mail to Josh.