Episode 57: If an Alien Invades, and No One Watches...

Episode 65 · July 2nd, 2016 · 1 hr 37 secs

About this Episode

...does humanity still get enslaved?

What better way to celebrate American independence than by trying to milk some more money out of a 20-year-old hit movie? That’s what Fox thought, anyway—unfortunately, though, Josh isn’t much of a patriot, and Melody had other things to do, so only Chad, Chris, and Daniel saw Independence Day: Resurgence. Based on box office numbers, though, that’s a higher percentage of Screeners making it to the theater than of the general moviegoing public, so Fox should be happy. The Screeners who picked Resurgence to do well in their box office wager list...well, they’re a little less happy.

Close Encounters of the First, Second, and Third Kinds

Surely Hollywood can do better than a movie about aliens that doesn’t even have Will Smith in it, though. If they have, the Screeners (or what’s left of them) will dig it up for their top 3 list. In keeping with the July 4 theme, this episode’s topic is “best alien invasion movies” (or, we assume, TV shows, but if anyone says Falling Skies, Josh will find out, and he will quit the podcast for real this time).

If you’re not too busy stealing paranoid glances into the sky in anticipation of impending doom, join us over on Facebook to tell us about all the overlord races we forgot to welcome. Next episode, we’ll switch from aliens to ghosts. Good times!