Episode 58: Seen Enough of the Good Guys?

Episode 66 · August 9th, 2016 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

This episode lies somewhere in the nether regions between bonus and full episode. We have more than just a movie review, but only three Screeners showed up, so we’ll see how long they can keep the conversation going (spoiler alert: with these three, we could be here awhile after all).

Mental Health Advocates Just Love the Title

So...Suicide Squad is set in Batman’s universe, but it’s not quite a Batman movie because it's not about Batman. A lot of the familiar bad guys (and some unfamiliar ones) are in it, though, except they’re the good guys now. There’s presumably a lot of shooting. That about covers it, right? Well, at least 3 of the Screeners got to see it, so we’ll leave it up to them to say whether we forgot any details.

And in honor of the most hardcore Harley Quinn we’ve seen in the franchise so far, this episode’s Top Three is about the hosts’ favorite female action heros. We look forward to Chris mansplaining the character development in Alias.

We’re sure there’s some kind of argument to be had about Suicide Squad, but join us next time for the real summer meat and potatoes episode. (Is meat and potatoes a seasonal dish in summer? Wait, don’t answer that; we don’t care.) In the meantime, hit us up on Facebook.