Episode 74: The Wonderful Things That She Does

June 6th, 2017 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

Another piece of the DC comic universe has been released to a thirsty public, and the Screeners are so anxious to review it that they aren’t even going to bother with a Jump Cuts segment. Take that, other entertainment news. They all headed to full theaters to see Wonder Woman (including Daniel, and he’s not even here for this episode), so was it everything they might have expected it to be after the tour de force that was Batman v. Superman?

For the sake of Patty Jenkins’ directorial career, we hope not.

After that main event, what other Top 3 could there be? It had to be (strong/fierce/unstoppable/amazing) female characters. Some of our listeners got in on this one too, so check out the everyone’s picks and let us know on Facebook who you think should really be hosting the show.

See you next time, when the Screeners (or at least a few of them) will be talking about Tom Cruise and an ancient curse—and no; we’re not talking about the painting of himself he has locked in his attic...nevermind; it’s The Mummy. They’ll be reviewing The Mummy.