Episode 67: America’s Lasting Cultural Contributions

Episode 75 · February 8th, 2017 · 58 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

It’s February, and the whole country’s fresh off the most exciting football game in history (or so we’re told), so the Screeners have decided to get together and talk about—what else?—commercials. The “big game”, or whatever the NFL’s suing people into calling it this year, is supposed to be a lodestone for quality adverts*, but were the famously expensive spots a slam dunk this year? Fox allegedly cried foul on at least one of them, refusing to air it, but maybe someone else hit a home run. Join the hosts as they talk about what the big brands served up this year.


OK, now that we’re done with our segment on commercialism, let’s talk about fast food. Michael Keaton hasn’t made much of a splash with his role as Ray Kroc in The Founder, so why would the Screeners review it, you might ask. Well, we’ll tell you. No one wanted to see that movie about the kid from Mars. That’s why. Some of them thought The Founder might actually be a good movie, too, but it was mostly the Mars thing. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer.

To round things out, why not do a top 3? The main event’s usually the inspiration for these, so let’s not ruin a good thing. Top 3 biopics it is.There’s a pretty deep field here to choose from, which is a pleasant departure from norm. What was the last one again? “Name your favorite Kelsey Grammer characters”?

Alright...less snark, more Facebook engagement. Don’t make Chris beg for likes. We’ve seen him beg. It’s very uncomfortable.

* We’re trying on some British. It suits us, innit?