Episode 68: ‘Puter! Start an Argument!

Episode 76 · February 17th, 2017 · 1 hr 21 mins

About this Episode

This episode’s Jump Cuts segment was sparked by an innocent tweet from Daniel. He thought he’d post his list of picks for Best Picture for the past few years just to, y’know, put it out there since the Academy Awards were coming up. Chad, however, has never once had the instinct to leave well enough alone. He decided the Screeners should re-re-litigate Daniel’s (and the Academy’s) choices, so here we are.

Oh yeah, and after the fun times are mostly over, there’s a bit where the hosts give their picks for this year’s Oscars, but that’s not really the lead story here.

The main event is a bit more kid-friendly—or at least that’s what Warner Bros. wants you to think; if you take the kids, they make more money. The Lego Batman Movie might not have the melodrama of a Pixar movie sown up, but the jokes are certainly firing on all cylinders, and they run deep in this one. Come for the self-referential humor; stay to see if Chad can somehow make Daniel’s opinion sound wrong in this segment too.

And after that, something something John Wick 2. Chad and Chris saw it, and they thought the Screeners should talk about it, but every time Josh hears Keanu Reeves’ name, he sees that cat from the Key & Peele movie in his head. Also, does anyone remember Equilibrium? Because "gun-fu" just...you know what? Nevermind.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The next episode will be about—what else?—the Academy Awards. There’s also some great TV out there this year, so the Screeners will hit some of the high notes there too. That should give you, our beloved audience, some great fodder for Facebook comments. Bring ‘em on!