Episode 90: Murder on the Orient Express

November 16th, 2017 · 52 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

We’ve had our share of remakes over the past couple years, but there haven’t been too many adaptations. We’ll take what we can get in that category, even if it has to be an adaptation and a remake (no matter if Kenneth Branagh sees it that way or not). This episode’s main event is Murder on the Orient Express, a movie that Josh might have actually seen if he had thought to check the recording schedule ahead of time. Anyway, think Snowpiercer, except...not at all.

In keeping with the “I’m on a train” theme, our Top 3 this time is single-location movies or small-screen “bottle episodes”. Seems pretty specific for a segment that famously doesn’t have any rules; how will the Screeners deal with this one?

We’re sure that, if nothing else, you have some favorites to add to the Top 3 list. (We know that for a fact, actually, because a bunch of you have added them already—if you haven’t, don’t be shy!) Head on over to Facebook, add your picks, and let us know what you think about Murder on the Orient Express!

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